Digital library research in BRICS countries during 2000-2019:scientometric analysis

Das, Saumen ; Verma, Manoj Kumar


The study examines 1220 digital library research papers published by BRICS countries during the period 2000 to 2019. Bibliographic data on the research papers were collected from Web of Science database. It is found that maximum number of publications (225) were two-authored. The Degree of collaboration is 0.84, collaborative index is 4.14, the collaboration co-efficient is 0.59 and the modified collaboration co-efficient is 0.61. Among all the BRICS countries, China has contributed the most number of papers [690 (56.58%)] followed by India with 205 (16.80%) contributions. Lotka's law was not found to fit with the observed author's productivity of the study. The study concludes that there is increased research on digital library in BRICS countries.


Scientometrics; Bibliometrics; Authorship pattern; Digital libraries; Electronic libraries; Virtual libraries; Authorship index; Modified collaborative co-efficient; BRICS countries; Lotka's law

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