Synthesis and Surface Studies of CdS / PVK Nanocomposites

Nandini Nagwanshi, Durgesh ; Nigam, Ruchi


Cadmium sulfide (CdS) is excellent materials for optoelectronic applications. It is interesting to investigate their optical properties at nanometer regime where the properties become size dependent. The nanocomposites have been successfully prepared by chemical method. The samples have been characterized by AFM, SEM and XRD. The XRD study shows formation of CdS nanocrystals with cubic zinc blend crystal structure, having three peaks corresponding to (111), (220) and (311) planes. The crystal size computed by Debye Scherrer’s formula is in the range of 3 to 12 nm. The AFM and SEM studies show the clusters of particles in the range of a few tens of nm. The results obtained from XRD, SEM and AFM studies show increase in particle size, by increasing the CdS concentration in PVK.


CdS / PVK nanocomposites; XRD; AFM; SEM

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