Development of Nano SiO2 Particles Dispersed Shape Memory Epoxy Composites

Kumar Patel, Krishan ; Purohit, Rajesh ; Hashmi, S A R ; Kumar Gupta, Ritesh ; Kumar Dwivedi, Sandeep


Thermo responsive shape memory epoxy based composites are being investigated for their excellent mechanical and thermal properties. In present study the thermosetting epoxy containing different composition of SiO2 nano particles ranging from 1 to 4 wt. % have been prepared through solvent casting route. Developed composites have been studied for grain analysis, FTIR, shape recovery, impact strength and hardness. Addition of 3 wt. % SiO2 improves hardness and impact strength significantly. Average grain size of SiO2 particles increase at higher wt. % of SiO2 in polymer matrix due to agglomeration of nanoparticles.


Polymer; Epoxy; SiO2; Nano particles; FTIR; AFM

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