Effect of Space Holder Size on Microstructure, Deformation and Corrosion Response of Ti4Al4Co (wt%) Alloy Foam

Singh, Pradeep ; Abhash, Amit ; Nair, Prashant ; Khare, Anup ; Singh, I B ; Mondal, D P


In the present study, Ti4wt%Al4wt%Co alloy foam has been made using mechanically alloyed powder and elemental powder through space holder technique to investigate the mechanical and corrosion behaviour. It is noted that after sintering, the average pore sizes are 65 µm, 128 µm and 196 µm for the foam samples made by the use of space holder sizes 75 µm, 152 µm and 220 µm, respectively. It is further noted that the reduction in pore size with respect to used space holder is higher for the foam made of elementary powder. The foam made of finer space holder exhibits greater relative density and less porosity. Because of this fact, it has higher plastic collapse stress or yield stress. The foam made with elementary powder exhibited higher strength than the foam made of milled powder. The foam made with coarser pore size exhibits less corrosion rate as compared to that one with finer pore size. The foam made with elementary powder attains higher corrosion rate as compared to that one made with milled powder.


Ti Foam; Mechanical alloying; Pore size; Corrosion behaviour; Tafel plot

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