Facile Synthesis of Manganese Oxyhydroxide (MnOOH) Nanowires for the Capacitors Application

Arya, Priyanka ; Singh, Archana ; Singh, I B


A facile method has been introduced to synthesis manganese oxyhydroxide (MnOOH) nanowires synthesized using hydrothermal reaction. The synthesized nanowires have been characterized using different techniques like X-ray diffractogram, infra-red spectroscopy, field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) and electrochemical methods. FESEM results show that the obtained nanowires have very uniform morphology. The electrochemical test shows to have capacitance of 130 F/gm.


Manganese oxyhydroxide; Hydrothermal Synthesis; Energy storage; Capacitive behaviour; Nanowires; Cyclic voltammogram

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