Hysteresis Loop Effect on Coronal Index and Solar Flare Index During Solar Cycles 22 and 23

Raj Singh, Prithvi ; Pathak, D K ; Saxena, A K ; Tiwari, C M


The hysteresis loop effect on the solar activity as coronal index (CI) and solar flare index (SFI) over cosmic ray intensity (CRI) at the low cut-off rigidities neutron monitoring station Oulu on the monthly basis data for the period January 1, 1986 to December 31, 2008 has been studied. It is observed that the shape of the hysteresis loops is varying from solar cycle 22 to 23. The hysteresis loops for solar cycle 23 are broad ovals whereas for solar cycle 22 are nearly flat. A complementary feature of the cosmic ray intensity decreases more rapidly as the increase in solar activity (coronal index and solar flare index). The positive solar polar magnetic parameter (A>0) and negative solar polar magnetic parameter (A<0) is representing the hysteresis loops.


Solar activity (coronal index and solar flare index); Cosmic rays (Oulu)

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