Demonstration of household water filter device for Arsenic removal in the Gazipur district of U. P. state, India

TOMAR, AKSHAY SINGH; Arya, Priyanka ; Kumar, Surender ; Singh, Archana ; Singh, I B


Millions of people in different states of India are suffering from the arsenicosis problem. There is an urgent need to solve this problem so far to the fullest extent to provide arsenic free water especially at household or domestic level. CSIR-AMPRI has developed a nano-adsorbent containing novel domestic water filter device that has been demonstrated to treat 3000-3500 L of <300 µg/L arsenic contaminated water. The device works with no need of any electrical energy at flow rate of 3-5 L/h. The present work is the case study of demonstration/installation of the develop device in the arsenic contaminated village, Karkatpur in the Gazipur district of the Uttar Pradesh, India. The developed filter device has been run for more than 3 months, where arsenic contamination level is <300 µg/L. The turbidity of water which mainly present due to the iron contamination along with arsenic in water is found to increase the choking of the filter after three months of installation.


Arsenicosis; Nano-adsorbent;Arsenic; Cartridge; Water filter; Demonstration

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