Performance analysis of single slope solar still using sensible heat storage material

R, BALAJI ; Aravindh, V ; Baburangan, J ; Koushik, S ; Mahendran, P


Direct sunlight has been utilized long back for distillation of water. For supplying desalinated water to small communities nearby coastal remote areas solar distillation plants are used. Solar stills are easy to construct, can be done by rural people from locally available materials, simple in operation by unskilled personnel, no hard maintenance is required and almost no operation cost. In order to increase the efficiency of a solar still sensible heat storage materials such as marbles, pebbles, blue metal stone, basalt stone etc. We have used to improve the efficiency of solar still. While using the sensible heat storage material distillation process will continue in both day and night.


Solar still; Solarimeter; Thermocouple; Galvanized iron

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