Analysis of RCC curved box girder bridges

Pal, Priyaranjan ; Agarwal, Preeti ; Gupta, Nidhi


Analysis of RCC box girder bridge is carried out for three different box girder sections, i.e. single, double and triple cells using finite element technique by linear static method of analysis. Bridge models are studied with the variation of degree of curvature, which is varied from 0° to 60° at an interval of 6°. Load cases considered are dead load and live load conforming to Indian Road Congress (IRC). The variation of bending moment, torsional moment, shear force and deflection is studied which are found to be increased with curvature. It has been estimated that the increased deflection in single, double and triple cell box girder bridges is about 295%, 280% and 245%, respectively, in between 0°(straight) and 60° curved bridges. This study states that the design of curved bridges is not a simple task which needs to be performed with utmost care.



Degree of curvature; FEM; IRC loading; Multi-cell section; RCC box girder

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