Socio-metrics of digital payments in demographic dividend: Descriptive analysis of dichotomous preferences

Singh, Pranay Kumar; Dutta, Avijan


Innovation in financial services has attracted a lot of attention and becomes the focal point in some jurisdiction further taking a very effective approach for facilitation of the technology enabled innovation. Digital disruptions have affected the all aspect of social mechanism and economic function, with higher density of mobile consumers and internet penetrations as compared to banking and other financial services facilitation. Technical firms have been providing new integrated faster, effective and inclusive innovative solutions; and it accelerates the inclusive digital payment systems. The variant methods of digital payments adopted by urban and semi urban consumers for their usual financial transactions is growing exponentially; however, post demonetization by Government of India, there was urgent need for alternative payment mechanism not only for urban consumers but also support the utilization by rural consumers in demographic dividend. The concept for the study has been to explore strategic advantages of digital payments and diagnosis for the current ecosystem in the support for better adoption of digital payments by the retail consumers in given mixed demography. In the present study, we have approached the Dhanbad district and collected data from different demography for our pilot survey. We have analyzed structured questionnaire based data to understand the various challenged with digital payments in demographic dividend for study area getting dichotomous preferences.


Demographic dividend; Digital payments; Logistic regression; Pilot study; Tech innovation; Socio-metrics


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