Assessing factors affecting the flexural behavior of metallic foam in-filled sandwich panel

Badkul, Anshul ; Saxena, Sanjeev


The performances of metallic foam are required to improve under flexural loading condition to fulfill the industrial need. In the present work existing literature has been evaluated to understand the factors (foam density, span length, aspect ratio of test specimen, foam core and face sheet thickness) affecting flexural property of foam in-filled sandwich panel. Delamination of foam in-filled sandwich panel has been reported as the major failure mode during the flexural test. It has also been reported that the metallic bonding between metallic foam and face sheet avoid the chance of delamination under flexural loading conditions. There is also a need to have standard test procedure and standard test geometry to evaluate flexural property of metallic foam in-filled sandwich panel. Its evaluation using FEM based techniques are also reported in brief.


Metal foam; Sandwich panel; Finite element analysis; Three point bending; Failure mechanism

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