Citations behaviour of Indian scientists from an interdisciplinary research institute: A case study of CSIR-NIIST

Nishy, P ; Rana, Madan Singh; S, Mini


The paper analyses the characteristics of cited references in papers published from CSIR-NIIST for understanding the preferences of authors in choosing the research work for citing. It has been observed that authors frequently cite articles from journals subscribed by the Institute. A number of citations are found from open access journals too. NIIST authors refer and cite articles from journals with higher impact factor than that of the source journal, where the research is being published. More than 40% of the references are of very recent (less than 5year old) works. Most research is (64%) based on authors’ previous work. Journal self-citations are found in more than half of the research papers.


Citation behaviour; Citing pattern; CSIR; Self-citations

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