Ranganathan’s contribution to bibliometrics

Sen, Bimal Kanti


Traces the origin of the term librametry. Shows how librametry has helped Ranganathan to develop the staff formula for different libraries, and it can help in decision making relating to the establishment of rural and branch libraries; dormitory and service libraries. His maintenance of statistics of various library activities showed the growth pattern of library collection, use of the collection by users, busy and very busy hours in the circulations and reference sections, and so on. He also developed a method for optimal procurement of books for every department in the university. Ranganathan also showed statistically that on average Colon class numbers are shorter than DC class numbers. With the passage of time bibliometrics overshadowed librametrics. Ranganathan did not define librametrics, neither he isolated its components. The lacunae have been filled in this article. It has also been shown that a substantial part of librametrics is occupied by bibliometrics.


Bibliometrics; Bibliometrie; Librametry; S R Ranganathan

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