Developing a banking service ontology using Protégé, an open source software

Giri, Kaushal ; Gokhale, Pratibha


Computers have transformed from single isolated devices to entry points into a worldwide network of information exchange. Consequently, support in the exchange of data, information, and knowledge is becoming the key issue in computer technology today. The increasing volume of data available on the Web makes information retrieval a tedious and difficult task. Researchers are now exploring the possibility of creating a semantic web, in which meaning is made explicit, allowing machines to process and integrate web resources intelligently. The vision of the semantic web introduces the next generation of the Web by establishing a layer of machine-understandable data. The success of the semantic web depends on the easy creation, integration and use of semantic data, which will depend on web ontology. The faceted approach towards analyzing and representing knowledge given by S R Ranganathan would be useful in this regard. Ontology development in different fields is one such area where this approach given by Ranganathan could be applied. This paper presents a case of developing ontology for the field of banking.


Open Source Software; Ontology; Ranganathan S R

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