Analysing the effects of cultural dimensions on the quality of library websites

Chakraborty, Sarthak


The study attempts to assess the effect of the cultural dimensions on library website designing and also tries to establish its connection with library website quality. Content analysis method was adopted to accumulate the data from 85 university libraries. Further, statistical tools were employed to analyse the data. The study has revealed that there is a significant association between cultural dimensions and web site design. The study also established that all the culturally effected web designs [Power Distance Index (PDI), Uncertainty Avoidance (UA), Individualism (IDV), Masculinity (MAS), Long Term Orientation (LTO)] are strongly correlated with the website quality. Subsequently, a regression model has been projected to calculate the level of impact of cultural dimensions on website quality. In addition, the checkpoints used in the study can act as guidelines in any similar kind of research.


Library website; Cultural dimensions; Web design; Website quality; University library

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