Impact of online interactivity dimensions on library website quality

Sarkar, Tanmay De


The paper seeks to investigate how far the interactivity dimensions - as proposed by Ha and James (1998) and empirically validated by Chen and Yen (2004) using business websites - are applicable to library website. It also attempts to frame an online interactivity model, depicting the effect of interactivity dimensions on library website quality. The analysis revealed the way interactivity dimensions affects quality of website and the study suggests that the four interactivity dimensions - reciprocal communication, connectedness, information collection, and playfulness - have considerable impact on the quality of library website. The online interactivity model deduced from the study will help librarians to determine the relationships of four independent variables (dimensions of interactivity) with the dependent variable (website quality). The findings will help researchers, librarians and web developers alike to measure qualitatively the effect of interactivity dimensions on library website quality which will guide them in developing an interactive library website to attract users towards the library.


Academic libraries; Online interactivity; Web 2.0; Website quality

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