Library and information science journals on the UGC API list: A Study

Gupta, Dinesh K; Kumar, Vijendra ; Kabra, Neelam


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has brought out API linked selection and promotion of teachers and other academic staff through the UGC Regulations 2010. It is also applied to the library staff at the level of Assistant librarian cadre and above and also college librarian. The UGC had made four amendments in the Regulations as quality measure in the past. The UGC recently identified and issued a list of 38652 journals for counting of API in the category of Research Publication - Journals for selection/promotion of teachers and other academic staff in the university and colleges. The present study analyzes this list and identifies some issues with respect to the LIS journals.


LIS journals; University Grants Commission; Journal selection; UGC API

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