Library of Congress Classification (LCC): past, present and its future in the digital era

Haider, Salman ; Sharma, R. K.


This article describes the various aspects of LC Classification and its suitability as a library classification system for classifying library resources in India. It begins with an introduction, recounting its history and development, leading up to an explanation of principles, structure, tables, and notation. This is followed by number building examples for subjects specific to Indian context, such as the history of Hindi literature with MARC 21 coding for LCC numbers.LCC tools and aids are listed thereafter with a description of the use of technology for efficient and consistent number building, and the process of proposing new numbers online to be added to the LCC schedules. Finally, analysing both its advantages and criticisms it concludes that LCC is a suitable classification system for libraries in India.


Library of Congress Classification; LCC; Library Classification

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