Research publication trend among the scientists of Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (CTCRI), Thiruvananthapuram: A Scientometric Study

K G Pillai, Sudhier ; Priyalakshmi, V


Bibliographic details of 1076 research articles obtained from the annual reports of Central Tuber Crops ResearchInstitute (CTCRI) were studied and it was found that the highest number of 169 papers was published in the year 2006 andthe average number of publications per year was 97.82. Most of the contributions were multi authored (87.68%). The degreeof collaboration of scientists of CTCRI was 0.87 and most of the articles published by the scientists were in the foreignjournals (51.89%). Journal of Root Crop spublished by Indian Society of Root Crops tops the list with the highest numberof articles 125 (39.30%). Applicability of Bradford’s Law in the journal distribution pattern of the CTCRI scientists does notfit the Bradford’s distribution pattern.


Bradford's Law; Scientometrics; Bibliometrics; Tuber Crops

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