Content analysis based evaluation of library websites: a case study

Devi, Ksh. Krishna; Verma, Manoj Kumar


One hundred and seventy two parameters and a five-point rating scale have been designed to rank IITs and NITs library websites. A detailed criterion has been developed with two variables “Yes” and “No” while conditional and additional scenarios were added as per the requirement. The present study was carried out on the library website/web page of the 19 IITs and 29 NITs. The study reveals that the score point of IIT Kanpur library website placed in the first position and NIT Agartala placed in the last position among all the engineering institution taken for the study. The study further suggested that the evaluation of libraries’ website must be done frequently so as to check the structure and information available in the website as well as to keep the website updated.


Content analysis;Web content analysis;Website evaluation;Websites

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