Indian e-journals in library and information science: A study based on coverage in UGC approved list of journals

Gupta, Dinesh K; Kumar, Vijendra


In the recently released UGC list of approved journals, 11 out of 40 Indian LIS journals were found having e-ISSNs. While searching the ISSN database for e-ISSNs of the remaining journals, 7 more were found having e-ISSNs. However, four of these seven journals could not be considered for the present study as they had wrong country of origin, the journal is not an exclusive LIS journal, etc. Finally, fourteen LIS online Indian journals with e-ISSNs have been studied. The study finds that a detailed check list needs to be developed to assess the journals and concludes that there is a need for improving the quality of journals and making them comparable with the global standards.


LIS Journals;Library and information science;ISSN;UGC list of journals;e-LIS journals

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