Co-authorship and co-occurrences analysis using Bibliometrix R-package: a casestudy of India and Bangladesh

Jalal, Samir Kumar


Research collaboration between India and Bangladesh based on research output of 1156 papers jointly produced by bothcountries were retrieved from Web of Science for the period of 1991 to 2017.The collaboration network on co-authorshipand co-occurrences was build using BibliometrixR package. Top ten keywords have been plotted to show the subject trendsin general. VOSviewer was used to build network maps to know the collaborative zones with respect to authors, subjectsand keywords. The study shows that the major collaborations were in medical science followed by agriculture and biologicalsciences. The verification of Lotkas’s Law was made using lotka() function in Bibliometrix R-package. The finding of thestudy shows that Lotka’s law is still valid for the co-authorship data at the international level.


Research Collaboration; Bibliometrix R Package; Co-authorship; Co-occurrence analysis; CollaborationNetwork; India; Bangladesh

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