Examining librarians’ behavioural intention to use cloud computing applications in Indian central universities

Yuvaraj, Mayank


The paper analyses the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in order to examine the librarians’ behavioural intentions to use cloud computing applications. A questionnaire was developed using three TAM instruments: attitude, perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness to measure the librarian`s behavioural intentions of cloud computing applications use. Four hundred and seven library professionals completed the survey that measured their responses on perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, attitude and the behavioural intentions on the use of cloud computing applications. Results show that librarians’ perceived ease of use had significant impact on the attitude towards use. Further, perceived ease of use severely influenced the perceived usefulness of the cloud computing applications. The findings validate the implications of cloud computing applications in a library setting.


Cloud computing applications; Technology Acceptance model; university libraries; behavioural intentions; perceived ease of use; perceived usefulness

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