URLs as references in Indian LIS conference papers: an Analysis

Prithvi Raj, K R ; Sampath Kumar, B T


The paper compares the characteristics of URLs cited in Indian LIS conference proceedings papers.A total of 15,745 references appended to 1,700 articles published in three Indian LIS conference proceedings published during 2001-2010 were selected. From these references we extracted a total of 5698 URLs and were further classified according to their top level domains, file formats and path depths for further analysis.The results showed that the 
percentage of articles with at least one URL increased from 39.10% in 2001 to 91.67% in 
2010. There was a constant and continuous increase in the number of articles with URLs over 
the years during 2001-2010. Of the 1,700 articles published in conference proceedings, there 
were 1,011 (59.47%) articles with URLs. Study also reveals the fact that, of the 5,698 URLs, 
more than 50% were shared by .org and .com domains which accounted for 1,799 (31.57%) 
and 1,474 (25.87%) URLs respectively. The highest percentage of cited URLs belonged to 
HTML (68.50%) followed by .pdf files (8.86%). The path depth levels 0 (no path), 2 and 3 
collectively accounted for 67.67% of the extracted URLs. URLs with path depth 1 and 4 put 
together accounted for 25.31% of all the 5,698 URLs


Internet; URLs; citations; Conference proceedings; India

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