Information mashup through application of Web 2.0 tools: services and procedures

Mandal, Sujata ; Mukhopadhyay, Parthasarathi ; Dutta, Anirban


Information mashup allows remixing of data from different sources to create new hybrid services with the help of API.In this study technical know how of implementation of the Web 2.0 services in OPAC using AddThis, an open source platform, has been discussed. The study has also tried to identify the services that are being provided by the top 10 central libraries of global, national (India), Asian as well as the state (West Bengal) universities using information mashup technology and makes a comparison of the same between the university libraries.


Open source; OPAC 2.0; Interactive OPAC; Mashup; Data mashup; Process mashup; Presentation mashup; Koha; Social networking tools

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