Librarians’ attitude toward monetary and non-monetary incentives in university libraries: A case of selected university libraries in Nigeria

Abayomi, Owolabi Kehinde; Ajiboye, Bosede A; Bakare, Olubunmi D; Bello, Taofeek O; Omotoso, Akinkunmi O; Adeleke, Olateju


The study uses a structured questionnaire to gather information on librarians’ perception towards monetary andnon-monetary incentives in university libraries in Nigeria. Questionnaires were distributed to 45 librarians in the selecteduniversity libraries through the use of simple random sampling techniques to understand the attitude of librarians towardsmonetary and non-monetary incentives. The findings revealed that librarians are aware of both monetary and non-monetaryincentives and that majority of the librarians benefited from monetary incentives. Motivation, job satisfaction and increase inorganizational commitment are some of the benefits librarians derive from monetary and non-monetary incentives.Recommendations include linking of reward directly to performance and the need to pay reasonable salary and wages tolibrarians in order to make them more effective.


Attitude; Monetary;Non-monetary; Incentives; Librarians

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