Empowering 8Ò in practice: information literacy programme for law undergraduates revisited

Wijetunge, Pradeepa ; Manatunge, Kalpana


The purpose of this paper is to review an information literacy programme offered for undergraduates in a Faculty of Law inSri Lanka. Constructive Alignment Theory of Biggs (2002) and the Empowering 8Ò Information Literacy Model were used todesign the programme. Effectiveness of the programme was measured by comparing the pre and post test marks of the students,and the feedback of the students and staff. It was determined that by following the programme, the students received declarativeknowledge on a variety of tools and techniques required to become successful in an academic environment. Library and facultymembers gained first hand insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the information usage of the students andunderstanding the reasons for the weaknesses so that they could address the issues appropriately. It also determined that, severalcritical success factors, other than an appropriate curriculum, are essential for an IL programme to thrive. The programme isunique since it is the first evident IL programme designed and delivered in Sri Lanka using an IL model.


Empowering 8Ò; Information literacy; Sri Lanka; Law students; First-year undergraduates

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