Publication delay of manuscripts in periodicals published by Indian Academy of Sciences

Garg, K C; Kumar, Mohit


The present study examines the publication delay in 10 scholarly journals published by the Indian Academy of Sciences. The study examined 2986 articles published in these ten journals in the years 2014 and 2018. The analysis shows that the publication delay varied with discipline and from one journal to another journal. The highest time delay was for the Proceedings of Mathematical Sciences (PMS) in 2014 as well as in 2018 and lowest for Current Science (7.1 ± 3.2 months) in 2014 and Journal of Chemical Science (JCS) in 2018. The total publication delay varied between (11.1± 5.3 months) and
(12.8 ± 7.0 months) in 2014 and 2018, respectively. In most of the journals, the reason for the delay was editorial (delays between receipt of the manuscript and its revision) in 2014 and technical (revision and its later publication) in 2018.


Scholarly journals; Peer review; Review time; Editorial delay; Technical delay

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