A quantitative analysis of Lis Links discussion forum

Garg, Mohit ; Kanjilal, Uma


The paper presents the quantitative analysis of the Lis Links discussion forum. A total of 10,286 posts on the Lis Links discussion forum were extracted using a program coded in the R language on May 31 2020. The study reveals that interest in Lis Links discussion forum is declining. The discussion forum was most active between 09:00 AM to 08:59 PM in terms of the number of posts (9056; 88%) published. Although the Lis Links forum has 12 categories for users to post information, the analysis found that majority of posts (10060; 97.80%) were posted under “Other Discussion”. An analysis of the ten most viewed and replied posts was carried out to obtain the common theme of discussion. The results showed that most posts were related to UGC NET examination and study materials.


Web 2.0; Discussion forum; Lis Links

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