Scientometrics of collaboration pattern in solar cell research in India

Dutt, Bharvi ; Nikam, Khaiser


The paper looks into collaboration in solar cell research in India as reflected by the publications indexed in Web ofScience for a period of 20 years from 1991-2010. Almost half of the total output emerged out of domestic and internationalcollaboration. Academic institutions had almost equal proportion of output emerging from domestic as well internationalcollaboration. Among the prolific institutions National Physical Laboratory-Delhi of the Council of Scientific and IndustrialResearch had the highest publications emerging out of collaborative research. Indian researchers collaborated with theircounterparts in 31 countries; however, South Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, England, France and Greece were dominantcollaborating research partners. Various bibilometric indicators have been used to examine collaborative research activity.Research collaboration gained momentum during the later decade. International collaborative output had more impactcompared to domestic collaboration in terms of citations per paper.


Scientometrics; Collaboration; Solar cell research; Photovoltaic; India

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