Inconsistencies in the retrieval of Indic names in Web of Science: a case study of women authors

Mukherjee, Bhaskar ; Gangopadhyay, Subrata


The present study is an attempt to show the variations in search results retrieved for Indic women names in the Web of Science database. A sample of almost 50 women names was identified from official websites of scientific organizations of India. The names were explored through the ‘Basic’ as well as ‘Author’ Search field of Web of Science. The results show a wide variation in search results for Author search and Basic search. Several cases were observed where two author records on the same name and affiliation with a different set of publications came in search results. The study suggests that for getting accurate results searching through hyperlinked author names available in the bibliographic details of an author’s publication led to best results. The study further suggests that while submitting publication, journals may ask the authors to input primary element, secondary element, and auxiliary-element of author’s names instead of surname/last name and first name/given-name/forename. Additional Tab asking how the author would like to render his/her name in the article may be added to the journal submission page so that indexing databases can correctly capture records.


Web of Science; Name search; Author names; Indic names

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