Publication pattern expressed by scientific position, service tenure, and age – A comparative analysis with working women scientists of science and technology laboratories of India

Mukherjee, Bhaskar


This study investigates the effect of scientific position, service tenure, and age of women scientists of various research laboratories of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India on the research productivity. Drawing on a sample of 902 women scientists of various research laboratories, with their 22,617 publications extracted from Web of Science & Scopus databases, the results show that CSIR scientists have more women per laboratory, DST women scientists have more publication per scientists and DBT women scientists received more citations. The majority of the publications were published by scientists who have post-doctoral or doctorate degrees and most of the papers were published by the women scientists between age 31 and 40. However, per scientist publication reveals that there is a continuous increase of publication with the increase of service and physical age. Therefore, better funding opportunities for young researchers and retaining experienced women scientists for more years may be important to increase women's participation in science.


Women Scientists; Scientometrics; Women in S&T

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