The age of librarians as a driver of change in social attitudes

Wojciechowska, Maja


Human capital is one of the most valuable resources of libraries. The age of librarians is a variable that may affect their attitudes and behaviours. The purpose of the paper is to pinpoint such correlations. The paper presents the results of research conducted among librarians in 20 countries of the world analysing the impact of age on individual social capital, social activity, social attitudes, civic engagement, level of trust, attitude to patrons and professional preferences. The research was conducted based on the Questionnaire for the Measurement of Individual Social Capital (KPIKS) developed by the Polish psychologist Rafał Styła. The study confirms that there is a correlation between age and attitude and behavioural changes. The age of librarians statistically and significantly differentiates their behaviour and social attitudes. The results may be used in library management processes, e.g. in the area of task and role allocation.


Age; library personnel; Social attitudes; Human capital

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