Application of Kano Model in evaluating indoor environment qualities of university libraries

Datta, Ashes ; Chaudhuri, Sabuj Kumar


This paper explores the latent relationship between the Indoor Environment Qualities (IEQ) with the overall University library users’ satisfaction. The study was conducted on central libraries of five West Bengal state government aided universities situated in Kolkata. The study followed an exploratory research design and used questionnaire for data collection from 755 library users. Statistical analysis of responses revealed that the overall library user satisfaction cannot be predicted merely by IEQ parameters through linear regression model, even though strong and significant correlations exist between them. Consequently, the study has shown how effectively the Kano model of customer satisfaction can be applied to properly unveil the relationship. The assessment framework outlined and presented in this study can act as a foundation for librarians and future researchers in evaluating IEQs of Libraries.


Indoor Environment Quality; Kano Model of Customer Satisfaction; Library User Satisfaction; University Libraries

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