Users’ perceptions about e-resources and information services in a public library: a study of Kerala State Central Library

Bharath, P Suman ; Sudhier, K G


A questionnaire survey was conducted to obtain user feedback on various aspects of resources and information services provided by the Kerala State Central Library (KSCL), Thiruvananthapuram. The findings revealed that 43.2% of the respondents were aware of the reading circle and book display services available in the library. The study also found that only a few users (9.1%) are highly-satisfied with the e-resources provided by the library. The users are aware about the quiz programs (40.9%) conducted by the library. The study found that the primary barriers for library users are the lack of computers and internet services. About 34.1% of the respondents adhered to the hygiene guidelines provided by the library during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study suggests that the library should conduct conferences, workshops, and training programs for its users to enable them to use e-resources and ICT services effectively and efficiently.


Public library, User perception, Information services, E-resources, State Central Library, Kerala

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