Sustainable development initiatives in libraries: A critical analysis

Manna, Debabrata ; De Sarkar, Tanmay


The purpose of the present study is to give an overview of the sustainable development (SD) initiatives observed among the selected libraries around the world. The present study employed a web-based content analysis method among the selected academic and public libraries to investigate the adherence of features of the green library. Based on the survey of library websites and reviewing related literature, the study identified the parameters contributing to the sustainable development intent of the library. With examples, this study also showcases the current practices followed by the libraries to implement green library strategy. Moreover, the challenges faced by the libraries in their effort to go green was also identified and discussed. The overview of SD initiatives among different libraries as displayed in the study will improve the understanding of the adoption of green indicators by the librarians and information science professionals.


Acoustic management; Carbon footprint; Chatbot; Crowd funding; Energy conservation; Green library; Robotics; Sensor; Sustainable goals

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