Conceptual analysis of Kashmiri music records for information storage and retrieval with special reference to the Radio Kashmir Srinagar

Bhat, Nazir Ahmad


An attempt has been made to understand the underlying components of Kashmiri music so as to make a conceptual analysis for designing an Information Storage and Retrieval System (IS&RS). The concepts thus analysed can act as a basis for development of an IS&RS for Kashmiri music records and can provide a broad framework for automation of library and its services in the Radio Kashmir, Srinagar. The main algorithmic steps set forth include: analysis of Kashmiri music into its entities; enlisting various attributes related to individual entities; and working out the relationships existing between various entities and between entities & attributes, putting the entities and attributes in an ordered manner to ensure individualisation; devising a data structure for storage purpose; maintain data independence; and finally devise a search mechanism to ensure fast, reliable and accurate retrieval. These steps have been supported with ER models and flow diagrams to understand the requirement clearly.


Kashmiri Music-Radio Kashmir Srinagar(RKS); Conceptual analysis – Kashmiri 
Music; Information Storage and Retrieval; Database-Kashmiri Music; ER Model - 
Kashmiri Music; Flow Diagram - Kashmiri Music

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