Usage of a digital library system at a private university library in Bangladesh

Tabassum, Mashiat ; Roknuzzaman, Md ; Islam, Md Maidul


The factors that influenced usage of digital libraries at East West University in Bangladesh have been explored. Questionnaire-based survey and observation methods were used to collect primary data from 129 users of East West University Digital Library (EWUDL). The findings suggest that some factors such as users’ knowledge of search domain, quality of digital library content, system characteristics, service quality, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and intention to use influenced the usage of the digital library. Users’ intention to use digital library is significantly related to their perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness of the system. The users were more or less satisfied with EWUDL. The study identified a number of challenges in establishing a digital library system in a university in Bangladesh. Some suggestions for adoption and usage of digital libraries in the country are made.


Digital libraries; Usage; East West University; Bangladesh

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