Development of an information literacy model for problem based learning

Santharooban, S ; Premadasa, P G


The paper attempts to develop an information literacy model for the problem based learning (PBL) process. For developing a suitable IL model, the study used the PBL process practiced at the Faculty of Health-Care Sciences of Eastern University, Sri Lanka, where, according to an earlier study, students do not apply IL models in the PBL process to access and process the information. The activities of faculty’s PBL process were divided into four phases, and skills essential for each phases were determined. Based on this information, a conceptual IL model was created. The proposed model consists of four components-- analysis, locate, use and review. Each component has an array of information literacy skills and these skills should be learning outcomes when training the students in information literacy. The model may be used to train the students before commencing PBL session or by integrating the model with PBL


Information overload; Information literacy; IL models; Learning outcomes; Problem based learning (PBL); Self-directed learning

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