Advanced Speed Control Methods for Induction Motor

Garg, Neeraj Kumar


Induction motors are widely used in a wide range of industrial and domestic applications. Induction motors are a common option compared to other motors because of their low maintenance requirements, robustness, and low cost. With advancements in power electronics and speed control technology, it is now possible to precisely control the speed of an induction motor for particular industrial applications. This paper provides a comprehensive literature review of advanced 3-phase induction motor speed control techniques such as direct/indirect vector control, direct torque and flux control, adaptive and optimal control, and intelligent control. Hopefully, all of the main takeaways from this analysis will spur further research and development of advanced switching techniques and controllers for future induction motor drives. The authors are confident that this survey article would be extremely useful to researchers in locating important references in speed control 3-phase induction motors.


Adaptive and Optimal Control, Artificial Intelligence, High Dynamic Performance, Vector Control, Induction Motor

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