Importance of anaphora resolution in machine translation

Agarwal, Chetan ; Dutta, Kamlesh


In this era of continuously progressing Information Technology, information exchange is taking place in various domains at a faster pace. However, availability of huge information, diversity of knowledge sources and variations in structure of languages, leads to some hurdles in its effective utilization. Use of Machine Translation is a good enough solution at this stage, which can remove several constraints up-to some extent. Also, because of the easy and economic Internet accessibility, Machine Translation is becoming crucial. But several technical constraints are there in Machine Translation process that must be resolved for qualitative translation. Anaphora resolution is one of the major and complex problems of Machine Translation. Many researchers and research institute working in the field of language technology and translation are continuously striving to resolve the problem. Depending upon type of language there may be various classes of anaphor.Therefore, depending upon the type of source and target language, type of anaphor and anaphor resolution process also may differ. This paper is an attempt to go in detail and reviewing of currently available theoretical approaches and algorithms of anaphora resolution that are being used in various machine translation models.

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