Utility of steel-concrete composite construction technique in the development of infrastructure Engineering perspective

Prakash, Amar ; Anandavalli, N


Steel-concrete composite construction technique is being used in developed nations for last few decades. For obtaining accelerated growth in fast emerging Indian economy, it is becoming necessary to adopt best construction techniques and practices. On one side there is considerable construction of new roads, bridges, flyovers and buildings taking place on daily basis, on the other side we can foresee the effect of such activities on our limited resources and environment. Therefore, it is vital task for all designers, engineers and policy makers. It must be ensured and all the possible way that the best constructional techniques must be adopted to protect both, our depleting resources and environment. Steel-concrete composite construction technique comprises of synergetic bonding between steel girder and reinforced concrete slab using mechanical connectors. In this technical paper stud type shear connectors have been used. In the market, various shapes and sizes are available. The main advantages of this construction method are lightweight foundation structure, faster constructing method, ease in construction and above all the quicker recovery of investments towards development. In the present technical paper, various internal mechanisms and processes are explained. The results of the experiments conducted by authors have also been briefly discussed. The special attention is given to understand internal force resistance mechanics and also the failure patterns due to excess loads than maximum capacity of steel concrete composite girders. Based on experimental results and available literature it has been obtained that we can easily obtain about 30% saving in total investment by adopting composite construction technique.

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