Developing Bicycle Serviceability Index (BSI) at mid-blocks for the roads carrying mixed traffic - case study of Delhi

Advani, Mukti ; Sinha, Priti


Bicycles mid block movement in mixed traffic scenario is a complex phenomenon to be measured as vehicles having range of size and weight co exist on the same road without any separator. This study focuses on developing a bicycle serviceability index (BSI) for the traffic where bicycles are moving along with motorized vehicles without any separate track/lane- For present study, data have been collected at two locations in National Capital Region (NCR) capturing trap length of 10-20 meters. At both locations, videography has been carried out for 4 hours covering peak time. For data extraction, a grid of 0.5m×0.5m has been created on videotape. Data have been extracted to gather information regarding the location of bicycle on road (grid number), location and type of adjacent vehicle, flow, speed and space occupied by motorized and non-motorized vehicles at given point of time.

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