Effect of music on concentration of drivers of India

Chakrabartoy, Neelima ; Gupta, Kamini ; Assi, Gunit Singh; Kumar, Sumit ; ., Harita


Music is a popular and integral part of our lives. The use of music is effective in reducing stress. This study investigated the psychological effects of music on drivers by the scientists of the Central Road Research Institute. In this, a comparative study of among two groups of drivers (drivers up to the age of 30 years in one category, drivers above the age of 65 in the other) was done to study the impact of music on concentration. In the test, both the groups were tested by the CSIR Indigenously developed car driving simulator firstly "Without Music" and in the second test phase with the presence of "Music". The data was analyzed with the help of t&test and mixed ANOVA test. The finding of the study highlights that drivers have shown better performance in the presence of music, and performed more number of correct in-time responses with less time. The study concludes that music has positive impact on driving performance if played safely.

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