Structural examination of historical heritage bridges

Garg, Rajiv ; Rathoor, Alok ; Singh, Yoginder ; Verma, Surendra


Culture and heritage are important aspects of a civilization after meeting basic needs. The heritage structures also called monuments are generally quite old and may be ever older than hundred years. In case of bridges, the life span as stated by codes/ standards is 50 years to 75 years. Further, the material used in heritage structures are unique in sense the composition at the time of construction is generally not available. Therefore, it is a challenging task to assess the performance of the heritage structures including bridges. In this respect, some of the heritage bridge s in Delhi have been studied and results of one bridge connecting the Red fort and Salimgarh fort namely Mangi Bridge are discussed. The methodology of study involves collection of site data (geometry), numerical modelling, experimental studies at the site and useful inferences. The vibration study and the ongoing traffic affects the bridge as the bridge lies on the major arterial road called Ring Road in Delhi. The study will be helpful for continued use of the bridge.

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