Driver fatigue and its effect on safety of roads & A review

Chaudhary, Yatin ; Rao, A M


In 2015, Government of India launched the concept of Smart Cities where we talk about cities which will be having future technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), about waste management, information systems, intelligent communications and Intelligent Transportations Systems (ITS) etc. And for that, the government has already started working in this direction. Out of these future technologies, let us take traffic and transportation systems for smart cities. It is expected that in a smart city, traffic accidents and injuries should decrease or should be very less atleast. But as per the accidents data released by the government, accidents are no doubt have decreased but their fatalities and their severity has unfortunately increased. There are many reason for the increase of severity of accidents like overspeeding, drunken driving, carelessness etc. But one such reason which we are not focusing upon is Driver Fatigue. Some of the developed countries has identified this factor as one of the increasing cause of accidents. But in India, this factor ends up coming in "Unknown" causes of accidents. As we are talking about Smart Cities, no city can be smart if its transportation system is not safe. We cannot compromise on any individual's safety. So, in this paper, it is shown that how this factor affects the safety of roads. In this paper, studies, literature and work of various people is presented and a review is done on the basis of these studies on how to make our roads safer without compromising on any individual's safety.

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