Aromatic Plants: Boon for the farmers in Bundelkhand

Kumar, Vipin ; Srivastava, R K


Bundelkhand is consists of 14 districts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh of India. As Bundelkhand region was always remains in the discussion of drought, water scarcity and starvation. The geographical structure of this area was belongs to barren plateau, unfertile soil, rocky land and Anna system (Animals without any control) remain the main problem for the agriculture. Due to these problems, the income of the farmers of Bundelkhand region was very low in comaprision to other areas. Looking of the above problems, the aromatic crops (lemongrass, palmarosa, basil and vetiver) introduced in Bundelkhand region and farmers are fetching good economic returns. In this study, it was recorded that 50-60 kg oil of lemongrass was obtained per acre per year. Due to low input, high demand and easily to cultivate in drought areas of Bundelkhand, farmers are getting nearly double income from lemongrass in comparision to traditional crops. Presently, farmers are growing only crops in a year in this region. It was also recorded that after growing of traditional crops like wheat, urad, gram, peas, lentils and sesame, etc. farmers were earning Rs. 30,000-40,000/acre/year. However, on the other side Rs. 40-60 thousand income recived per acre from lemongrass, which was about double income from traditional crops. Therefore, the cultivation of aromatic crops is proving most beneficial and improved the socio- economic conditions of the farmers of Bundelkhand region.

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