Assessment of peppermint, clove, cumin essential oils and silver nano particles on biochemical and shelf life of Citrus limon (L.)

Tavakoli, Shima Alah ; Mirzaei, Saeid ; Rahimi, Mehdi ; Tavassolian, Iraj


Natural and chemical compounds are used to increase the biochemical and shelf life of citrus fruits. The effect of nano silver particles and three essential oils: peppermint, carnation, cumin, were investigated on morphological, biochemical and shelf life of the lemon fruit. The first factor consisted of 13 different substances and the second factor was three the level of storage periods (zero, one, and two months after harvest). The results showed that the treatments significantly affected the fruit weight, diameter, length, decay percentage, total soluble solids, vitamin C, electrolyte leakage and titratable acidity. Peppermint essential oil showed a 70% reduction of decay percentage compared to with the control. Five percent of
nano silver and 500 µL/L of clove essential oil maintained better fruit quality than control. Although the effects of
silver nano-particle were significant, considering the environmental concerns we recommend using plant essential oils to prolong the postharvest shelf life of lemon fruits.


Citrus limon (L.); Clove; Cumin; Decay percentage; Electrolyte leakage; Essential oils; Nano silver particles; Peppermint

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