The pharmacological potential of hesperidin

Ganeshpurkar, Aditya ; Saluja, Ajay


The modern scientific society has presently recognized flavonoids to be a unique class of therapeutic molecules due to their varied therapeutic properties. Of these, hesperidin, found along with vitamin C, has been explored for a number of pharmacological effects. Citrus and oranges possess hesperidin as one of the active constituents. Today, hesperidin has been well recognized for its beneficial effects on health. The present review highlights the current information and health-promoting effects of hesperidin. The review uncovers protective effects of hesperidin on functions and integrity of liver, kidney, heart, and age related memory impairment. Hesperidin demonstrated the antimicrobial, anticancer, antihypertensive and antiulcer effect. The present review focus on current information of hesperidin and its active metabolite hesperetin. Along with this, the chemotherapeutic potential of the same has also discussed.


Anticancer; Antidiabetic; Antimicrobial; Hesperidin; Organ protection

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