Molecular docking studies of natural and synthetic compounds against human secretory PLA2 in therapeutic intervention of inflammatory diseases and analysis of their pharmacokinetic properties

Choudhury, Manisha ; Sharma, Dolly ; Das, Manas ; Dutta, Karabi


Literature survey reveals that there are several natural and synthetic anti-inflammatory compounds reported till date. As a therapeutic drug target, PLA2 inhibition is preferred over other anti-inflammatory drug targets. The pro-inflammatory effects of group X sPLA2 are acquired from multiple pathways. This study aims to identify the best anti-inflammatory compound among 22 compounds reported in literature using in silico approach. The compound ligands are subjected to docking against the target protein human sPLA2 [PDB ID: 5G3M] at the active site using AutoDock 4.2.6. Based on the Δ binding free energy and hydrogen bonding interactions, it was observed that ten compounds fit at the active site. Out of these, compound 1 (14-deoxyandrographolide) was selected as the best compound. Absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) properties of the ligands are analyzed using pkCSM software available online. Compound 1 exhibited the best conformational fit when compared to the co-crystal inhibitor 4-Benzylbenzamide.


ADMET; AutoDock; Inflammation; sPLA2 inhibitor

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